DM Vault Forms and Burial Vault Molds

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Check out this video to see how we air release this rough box vault form!

This vault style has been in producing vaults for over 30 years! Notice how smooth the release from the core is and how the outer shell remains flawless.

Need Wormwood texture? No problem, We have it!

DM Vault Forms and Burial Vault Molds

Inexpensive cross arm for stripping all of our standard molds

DM Vault Forms and Burial Vault Molds

Vault Molds/Forms

Options Include

  • A v-shaped lip that can be set with or without sealant and keeps the lid securly in place regardless of above ground movement.
  • Different lid hook placement and two different corner releases.
  • Tapered and flat lid designs.
  • Hooks or concrete v -shaped casket rests.


Standard Rough Box

  • 30 inches wide X 86 inches long. Inside bottom.
  • 21.5 inches. Inside bottom height with a lid dome height of 5 inches.
  • 24 inches high. Bottom height, with an 8 inch lid.
  • 34 1/2 inches wide, outside width. 90 1/2 inches outside length.
  • Custom sizes available.

Need a liner?

DM Vault Forms and Burial Vault Molds

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We offer Vault Molds/Forms from youth size to oversized as well as plastic lined molds. These molds use an air release system with no need for expensive mold release equipment. A simple crossarm and hoist is all that's needed.

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  • We ship anywhere in the U.S. and Canada.
  • Please call for quotes.
  • Turn around time will be determined by our back log of orders.